Alma López

By Alma López, 25th October 2011

In 2012, it will be 15 years since Softonic was launched. During all this time we’ve worked really hard to make our website yours.

It went from a final college project by our President & Founder Tomas Diago, to a user community of more than 100 million monthly users. We went from a small office in Cerdanyola del Valles, to a great headquarters in an amazing building in Barcelona with more than 210 team members from 32 different nationalities.  We evolved from a big online software library, to a full on software service central for our users.

Nowadays, Softonic is not only a download site. We’re also a site available in 10 different languages, with its specific local taste when it comes to reviews written by native speaking editors. In Softonic you’ll find software specialized blogs with posts from our expert editors and we also have a site specifically for you gamers out there. We’ve recently launched a Q&A site with all things software and a Smartphone app that has become a great guide for our users when it comes to finding the best apps out there. We have our very own advertising platform, a Security Seal that makes us the safest website in the world, a web apps platform, where applications are not downloaded since they’re available through the browser and lots of amazing projects still to come. ;)

That’s why the day has come when we’ve decided to change our slogan. Let’s say goodbye to “Let’s download!” and prepare ourselves to receive with a welcoming smile “Enjoy Software!”.

It is the best way to reflect our mission of helping people discover and enjoy the best software to enhance their lives.

Enjoy Softonic, Enjoy Software!